2018 Highlights

The 2018 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit was historic!


Registered to attend from 122 Countries


In Capital Represented


Multinational Corporate representatives



The 2018 Summit was a global phenomenon, with attendees coming from over 90 countries, thousands of people around the world watching live-stream, and global press coverage.

The Summit has grown beyond just one amazing day, anchoring a week of events and activities in Israel including exclusive VIP tech and cultural tours, corporate meetups, VC forums, the legendary nightlife of Tel Aviv and the history of Jerusalem.

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Highlight from the Main Stage

The Innovation Revolution: ‎Case Studies from the Ecosystem

The most anticipated session of the Summit explored the growing phenomenon of interconnections among the players in the ecosystem that are super-charging technology creation and implementation. Dialogues between four pairs of entrepreneurs and corporate executives illuminated the path to their partnerships and their synergies.

Ofer Ben-Noon,

CEO & Co-founder, Argus Cyber Security,

Werner Koestler,

Senior Vice President, Continental AG,

Explained how the acquisition of Argus solved one of Continental’s biggest challenges: as the car becomes part of the Internet of Things, it must be secure – and with different components created by diverse manufacturers, a common solution is essential.

Elad Benjamin

CEO & Co-founder, Zebra Medical Vision

Jeff Herbst

VP of Business Development, Nvidia

Discussed Nvidia’s plan to build an ecosystem of companies that utilize its platform for AI. Zebra’s solution uses the Nvidia platform for reading and diagnosing medical imaging data, providing medical professionals and patients with faster, more accurate, more affordable care. Jeff Herbst said, “We’re here to look for the next Zebra, the next really great AI startups doing amazing things.”

Theater Highlight

Eat the Sharks: Three Startups Grill Three VCs

A packed house greeted a session designed to turn the tables on the venture capitalists, with founders of three successful startups probing what three leading investors bring to the table for their investments. (One VC, when asked what he considered his worst mistake, said, “Agreeing to be on this panel.”) The importance of brand, track record, and deep pockets were three key elements touted, but each VC mentioned unique offerings.

Nir Blumberger

Venture Partners, Accel Partners

Touted basic compatibility between VC and CEO as fundamental to the decision to invest and to long-term success. “This is a pretty long marriage… Is that someone I can relate to and enjoy working with as well?… Personal connection and trust is crucial.”

Chaim Meir Tessler

Principal at OurCrowd

The network of contacts that a VC can offer its startups to help them grow. “We can pretty much help our companies get to almost anyone they want in the world. That creates a lot of value for an early stage company that’s trying to build up their brand.”

Breakout Highlight

Blockchain, Bubbles, and BS: Live Debate on What’s Real and What Isn’t

In this lively standing-room-only give-and-take, Guy Corem, the founder of cryptocurrency startup DAGlabs, squared off with Haim Pinto, CTO of Bank Hapoalim, Israel’s largest bank, to argue the pros, cons, and consequences of blockchain technology.

Haim Pinto

CTO of Bank Hapoalim, Israel’s largest bank

While blockchain holds some promise for banking applications, cryptocurrencies and ICOs were dangerous, particularly given the lack of regulation. “You don’t want to start messing around with the most valuable asset you have,” which is trust. “Without the bank there is no fintech, there is no bitcoin, there is nothing.”

Guy Corem

President of DAGlabs

Couldn’t have disagreed more. “The future is via public ledger, via cryptocurrencies…Cryptocurrencies will be here to stay, even when we move to a cashless society, even when the regulators will try to block access to exchanges, it will become a unit of accounting.”

Breakout Highlight

Investor Skills Track

For the first time at the Summit, OurCrowd presented a series of intensive classes for investors, carefully designed to prepare them to take on the private markets opportunity from a base of knowledge and savvy.

Investing Bootcamp

A capacity crowd learned the fundamentals of investing in private companies, from valuations and term sheet essentials to deal selection and portfolio diversification.

Introduction to OurCrowd

Investors got tools to optimize their use of a robust and diverse platform for startup investing, including an overview of OurCrowd’s organization, process, fees, and online tools. A large contingent of European VCs attended, notebooks at the ready.

Understanding Deal Flow

This was a detailed walk through the heart of startup investing for entrepreneurs, including investment criteria, how to raise money, and how to fund.

Special Spaces

Robotics Alley

Sponsored by Honda Xcelerator, Robotics Alley showcased Honda’s vision of the future of robotics, as well as seven startups demoing their own devices and designs that push the edges of invention.

FashionTech Plaza

Summit attendees found themselves strolling down a boulevard in Italy, with store display “windows” made of LED screens featuring the latest tech from major fashion brands – all of it sponsored by Intesa Sanpaolo. Cappuccino was served, of course!

Doctor’s Office of the Future

Eight cutting-edge MedTech and Digital Health startups provided an opportunity to experience the healthcare of tomorrow. Visitors interacted with amazing diagnostic technologies.

Pre-Summit Leaders Forum

The invite-only OurCrowd Pre-Summit Leaders’ Forum provided an intimate and personalized gathering for over 600 startup CEOs, corporate partners, and active OurCrowd investors to engage in productive meetings and content.

Startup Track Highlight: “How To Successfully Manage Co-Founder Dynamics”

Entrepreneurs from three different geographies – Kirk Simpson, CEO & Co-Founder of Wave (Toronto), JJ Fleigelman, CTO & Co-Founder of WayUp (New York), and Adam Kaplan, CEO & Co-Founder of Edgybees (Israel) – revealed how they manage their co-founder relationships.

Some takeaways:

Find your natural strengths and divide leadership accordingly. If you are drawn towards business and your co-founder is drawn towards tech, divide and conquer.

Put the business before your ego. Come to a mutual understanding on difficult decisions and choose what’s better for the company.

Present a united front to employees, especially when you disagree.

Summit Week

Some of the most compelling content took place beyond the walls of the Summit itself, as OurCrowd partnered on a week of outstanding events.

Cybertech Tel Aviv provided attendees with an unparalleled opportunity to get acquainted with the latest international innovations in cyber.

A tour of the Trendlines incubator headquarters and facilities offered Summit participants a close-up view of some of its most promising companies.

An invite-only reception at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce welcomed leading investors, business leaders, and government officials from the U.S. and Israel.

F2 Capital gave a tour of its unique acceleration platform, providing insight into Israeli entrepreneurship, the unique ecosystem, and F2’s role.

The InsurTech Meetup featured special presentations from senior executives at AmTrust, high-level networking, and new companies in the sector.

The annual Silicon Dragon event brought together venture capitalists, angel investors, deal makers, and tech founders to explore the growing tech connections between China and Israel.

Attendees got to indulge in some legendary partying, beginning with the Post-Summit Party featuring an international superstar DJ (and special guest DJ Jon Medved!), dancing, and Israeli craft beer. Later, Summit attendees took over the iconic cultural center of Jerusalem, Mahane Yehudah Market, with a night of informal pitches, CEO meetups, delicious food, craft beers, live music, and street art.