Summit Day Agenda Preview

Stay tuned for the final agenda. Check back here for updates.

Top 10 Tech Trends

Offering invaluable insight into what will be hot, disruptive and investible in startups going forward. With industries and societies on the move, key technology trends have been identified by the OurCrowd investment team as well as its global network. Top industry speakers provide exclusive intel and spotlights on the most innovative startups representing each trend. 

Eat the Sharks

We’re turning the tables on the venture capitalists, as the founders of three successful startups put the feet of three leading investors to the fire. The VCs compete to explain what they can do for their investments, illuminating the upsides and downsides of the whole venture process. Once again, the sharks are in the cages, looking out.

Demo Theater

Where dozens of startups demonstrate their eye-popping
technologies to the crowd!

OurCrowd University

Teaching the essentials for successful investing

Meet the Startups

Come face-to-face with impactful startups, solving real world problems

Open Mic

Providing a stage for any startup hopeful to win over an audience. This popular feature will allow attendees to hear firsthand (wearing wireless headphones) from the newest startups.