Summit Day Agenda

"Startups: Making a Global Impact" | March 7

Confirmed Sessions and Speakers — Stay Tuned for New Additions!

08:00 – 09:00

Breakfast & Registration

09:00 – 10:30

Opening Plenary – “Startups – Making a Global Impact”

Greetings from the Mayor of Jerusalem Location: Plenary Hall

Moshe Lion welcomes the international crowd to his city, the most historic location in the world and a growing center of innovation.

Moshe Lion

Mayor of Jerusalem

The State of the Crowd Location: Plenary Hall

OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved provides an intriguing update on the tech landscape, the Innovation Nation, and how the crowd continues to revolutionize startup investing. He will also debut a special video presentation

Jon Medved

CEO & Founder, OurCrowd

Startups: Making a Global Impact Location: Plenary Hall

A series of eye-opening sessions on the incredible power of breakthrough technologies to make a real and lasting difference on the lives of individuals and societies alike.

Laly David

Business Development Partner, OurCrowd

Adam Kaplan

Co-Founder and CEO, EdgyBees

Garret Bryl

UAS Pilot, Joshua Fire Department

Maurice Ferré

CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors at INSIGHTEC,

Liat Siman Tov

QA Engineer

Adir Siman Tov

SAP Technical Consultant at Ness Digital Engineering

Asaad Joubran

Business Development, Zipline

Oren Tamari

Co-Founder and CEO, UPnRIDE Robotics Ltd

Summit Preview Location: Plenary Hall

Highlights of the incredible spectrum of Summit programming, opportunities for networking, and tips on how best to take advantage of them.

Jon Medved

CEO & Founder, OurCrowd

10:30 – 10:55

Networking Break

10:55 – 11:45

Breakout Sessions

Eat the Sharks: Three Entrepreneurs Grill Three VCs Location: Teddy A

We’re turning the tables on the venture capitalists again, with a whole new set of speakers. Three executives of successful startups put the feet of three leading investors to the fire. The VCs compete to explain what they can do for their investments, illuminating the upsides and downsides of the whole venture process. Once again, the sharks are in the cages, looking out.

Ron Stern

Partner, Portfolio Management, OurCrowd

Stewart Rogers

Analyst-at-Large, VentureBeat and Senior Editor at Grit Daily

Tim Dattels

Managing Partner, TPG Asia

Avra van der Zee

Director of Market Entry, JUMP

Hacked Cars, Stolen Identities, and Short-Circuited Pacemakers: Cybersecurity in a Connected World Location: Teddy B

The more the world gets wired, the greater the vulnerabilities. Cybersecurity professionals from five key sectors present rapid-fire presentations on tech defenses that could make the difference between prosperity and failure, life and death.

Mark Gazit

CEO, ThetaRay

Michael Dick

Founder and CEO, C2A Security

Two Truths and a Lie: Top Venture Fund Managers Get Tested Location: Teddy C

In an entertaining game with serious implications, five masters of venture capital will test their communications skills and the audience’s ability to distinguish fact from fiction. As the audience votes on who’s lying and the truth is revealed, the managers will shed light on the mechanics and opportunities of investing through VC funds.

Jacques Benkoski

Partner U.S. Venture Partners

Mikael Johnsson

Co-Founder of Oxx

The New Paradigms for Transforming Healthcare: Case Studies in MedTech and Digital Health Location: Schwartz

Progress in the development and delivery of healthcare has been accelerating, but two models hold the greatest promise. In the first case study, leaders from investors to corporates show how a global network can build startup technologies into market leaders. In the second, top investors show how focusing on medtech technologies with the most potential for disruption can supercharge their impact.

Startup Investing Bootcamp Location: Dulchin 1

Get ready to learn everything you need to know about investing in private companies, from valuations and term sheet essentials to deal selection and portfolio diversification.

Shmuel Bornstein

Senior Associate, Investments, OurCrowd

Meet the Startups Location: Oren 1, 2, 3

In three dedicated venues, the entrepreneurs behind the most exciting tech startups and the managers of the most innovative funds anywhere will present updates on their investment opportunities throughout the day.

Impact Bootcamp: What Is It? Who’s Doing It? And How Do I Measure It? Location: The OurCrowd Impact Lab

Experts in investing and social projects provide a fascinating workshop on the current impact landscape and how both companies and investors can define and quantify impact. Essential insights for anyone serious about an impact-driven approach.

11:45 – 12:10

Networking Break

12:10 – 13:00

Breakout Sessions

The Cannabis Revolution: Saving Lives and Changing Society Location: Teddy A

First-person accounts of the incredible ability of cannabinoids to replace addictive painkillers, address development delays caused by autism, and alleviate PTSD symptoms are just the first part of the story. Top experts and scientists also reveal how changes wrought by cannabis may signal a paradigm shift in society itself.

Barbara Sadick

Contributing Reporter, Wall Street Journal and other publications

Raphael Mechoulam

Organic Chemist and Professor of Medicinal Chemistry 

Pitch the Press : How To Become a Media Tech Star Location: Teddy B

Senior journalists from some of the world’s most influential media organizations reveal what piques their interest and gets them to write for their audiences of millions.  Startup CEOs will tell their stories and get schooled in what they’re doing wrong and what they could do right.  If you’ve ever wondered why things make the news, this is the session for you.

Frederic Lardinois

U.S. News Editor, TechCrunch

Becky Peterson

Reporter, Business Insider

Rina Raphael

Writer & Editor, Fast Company magazine

AI Changes Everything: Products, Industries, and Happiness Location: Teddy C

Artificial Intelligence is becoming universal, applied across all sectors, from robots to toasters, from education to healthcare. An elite group of entrepreneurs, scientists and venture capitalists explore the implications of AI on their respective industries, as well as its impact on the biggest challenges facing society.

The Great Tech Debates: Designer Babies, Big Brother, and the New Plagues Location: Schwartz

In three face-offs between some of the leading minds in tech, business, and science, we tackle the biggest issues today: the ramifications of genetic editing, the risks and opportunities of governments addressing a robotic future, and whether manufactured medicines will save humanity or wipe it out.

Lydia Dishman

Reporter, Fast Company

Will the Next Google Come from Mombasa? Location: Gordon

Silicon Valley and Israel are beginning to share the limelight of innovation and capital. Leaders in business, tech and government from Asia, Africa, LATAM, and the Middle East describe the exciting opportunities and challenges of sourcing and supporting startups in unexpected places.

Sticking to Your Bets: Follow-on Investing Through Good Times and Bad Location: Dulchin 1

How to handle inevitable market setbacks, why they’re sometimes good news for startup investors, and capitalizing on low valuations. Includes case studies from the veterans who snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.

Ron Stern

Partner, Portfolio Management, OurCrowd

Shmuel Bornstein

Senior Associate, Investments, OurCrowd

Meet the Startups Location: Oren 1, 2, 3

In three dedicated venues, the entrepreneurs behind the most exciting tech startups and the managers of the most innovative funds anywhere will present updates on their investment opportunities throughout the day.

Making the Biggest Bang with your Bucks: Successful Impact Investors Tell All Location: The OurCrowd Impact Lab

Individual, family office and governmental investors who have have used their capital to make the world a better place reveal their very different approaches. Essential approaches and tips on how to turn your dollars into positive outcomes for people and society.

13:00 – 14:00

Lunch & Networking

14:00 – 15:15

Mid-Day Plenary – “Technology, Impact, and Investing”

Top 10 Tech Impact Trends for 2019 Location: Plenary Hall

Top 10 Tech Impact Trends for 2019- What’s going to be impactful, disruptive, and actionable in the coming year. A highly anticipated presentation by senior OurCrowd investing leaders.

Eli Nir

Senior Investment Partner, OurCrowd

Stav Erez

Partner and EVP Business Development, Labs/02

Using Data To Fix the World Location: Plenary Hall

Kira Radinsky, Director of Data Science & Chief Scientist for eBay, shows how she’s using algorithm-based techniques to predict – and thus prevent – calamities such as disease outbreaks and genocide.

Kira Radinsky

Chief Scientist and the Director of Data Science, eBay

15:15 – 15:40

Networking Break

15:40 – 16:30

Breakout Sessions

Demo Theater Location: Teddy A

A lineup of the coolest, most eye-popping technologies from leading-edge startups. Live demonstrations by the innovators themselves, with unique audience participation mixed in.

Yaniv Maor

Founder and CEO, Tevel Aerobotics Technologies

Tal Dagan

COO, Magisto

Cloud Mobility: Wiring the World for Transportation Location: Teddy B

Cutting-edge technologies are facilitating a world of on-demand connected transportation, from magLev pods to autonomous cars to electric scooters. Leaders in four modes walk through what’s next, and a top global mobility investment expert explains how it will all be pulled together.

Thomas Curran

Managing Director & Co-Founder, SkyTran Israel Ltd.

After the Crypto Apocalypse: Rise of the B2B Blockchain Location: Schwartz

What industrial blockchain applications will take over now that crypto has imploded? Global blockchain experts provide a vision of a future where blockchain changes the game for payments processing, securities settlement, supply chain management, and RegTech. Then top VCs reveal where they’re placing their bets.

Peter Hiom

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, ASX

Adir Ron

Adir Ron, Open Source Lead – Microsoft

Andrew Dix

CEO and Founder, the Crowded Media Group, publisher of Crowdfund Insider

Reinventing Food: Farming, Cooking and Eating Will Never Be the Same Location: Gordon

For all of human history, food production and consumption has remained essentially the same. Now the innovation industry is forcing the food chain to evolve in unexpected ways. What’s next, what it means for society, and what to invest in.

Branding and Vlogging: A Brainstorm with NasDaily and @Hilzfuld Location: Dulchin 1

One of the most successful Facebook bloggers in the world and a leading blogger in Israel share the secrets of building a brand and raising your social profile. A must-attend for every entrepreneur.

Nuseir (Nas) Yassin

Video Blogger and Entrepreneur

Hillel Fuld

Tech blogger and marketer

Meet the Startups Location: Oren 1, 2, 3

In three dedicated venues, the entrepreneurs behind the most exciting tech startups and the managers of the most innovative funds anywhere will present updates on their investment opportunities throughout the day.

How To Make An Impact with Your Company Location: The OurCrowd Impact Lab

Hear how some of the most forward-thinking companies and funds have tackled the world’s biggest challenges. Whether you’re starting from scratch or revamping a tested model, you’ll learn the nuts and bolts of making an impact with your business.

16:30 – 16:55

Networking Break

16:55 – 18:10

Closing Plenary

TEK Talks: The Human Side of Impact Location: Plenary Hall

Educational, entertaining, and inspiring presentations from the most interesting high-profile figures in the industry and beyond. A can’t-miss session for Summit attendees.

Ron Fisher

President, Softbank Holdings, and Vice Chairman, Sprint.

Daniel Kahneman

Behavioral Economist and Nobel Laureate

Nuseir (Nas) Yassin

Video Blogger and Entrepreneur

David Bonderman

Founding Partner, TPG

Gwen Ackerman

Senior Writer, Bloomberg News

Presentation of the OurCrowd Maimonides Award Location: Plenary Hall

The second annual OurCrowd Maimonides Award for Lifetime Achievement in Science, Leadership and Menschlichkeit will be presented to two legends of research. – Prof. Raphael Mechoulam is Head of the Medicinal Chemistry Lab at Hebrew University and a pioneering researcher into the science of cannabinoids. His contributions over 50 years of research include the isolation and synthesis of THC and the identification of the endocannabinoid system. A top-rated documentary about Prof. Mechoulam and his work was made in 2015. – Professor Avraham Baniel is an inventor and Co-Founder of Doux Matok, a leader in targeted delivery of flavor ingredients and nutrition. An early innovator in many of Israel’s first industries, Prof. Baniel has 70 years of industrial chemical research, over 200 patents, and is a world specialist in solvent extraction processes, many of those in the food, beverage and agricultural spaces.

Jon Medved

CEO & Founder, OurCrowd

Avraham Baniel

Inventor and Co-Founder, Doux Matok

Raphael Mechoulam

Organic Chemist and Professor of Medicinal Chemistry 

18:10 – 19:30

Post-Summit Party Location: Agam

Let loose at the legendary OurCrowd post-Summit party, featuring great music, Israeli craft beer and a whole bunch of surprises.

20:30 and onwards

ShukTech: Beer. Networking. Pitches Location: Machane Yehuda Market

ShukTech: Beer. Networking. Pitches

OurCrowd takes over the iconic cultural center of Jerusalem, Machane Yehuda Market — this year with more CEO meetups, more great food and craft beers, four live bands, and street art in the heart of the hopping market.

Buses to ShukTech will be available at 19:00 from the Summit ICC entrance.

Meet the Startups

In three dedicated venues,the entrepreneurs behind the most exciting tech startups and the managers of the most innovative funds anywhere present updates on their investment opportunities throughout the day.

OurCrowd University – Master Classes in Startups

Get schooled on the fundamentals of investing in startups in this three-part intensive course. Front-line experts will teach you everything you need to know, from valuations and term sheet essentials to deal selection and portfolio diversification.

1. Startup Investing Bootcamp
2. Sticking to Your Bets: Follow-on Investing Through Good Times and Bad
3. Be the VC: Hard Decisions in the Lifecycle of an Investment

Hands-On Tech Demos

Throughout the venue, attendees have the chance to interact with some of the coolest technologies on the market – or not yet on the market. From virtual reality to medical diagnostic devices to consumer products, it’s a chance to personally experience the future.

Open Mic for Entrepreneurs

Throughout the day, OurCrowd is providing a stage, a microphone and a screen for any startup hopeful to win over an audience. An invaluable opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to be heard – and for attendees to get a first look at some potentially overlooked opportunities. It’s Hyde Park Speaker’s Corner for tech dreamers.

HealthTech Lab

Step into the future of healthcare, with startups at the cutting edge of MedTech and Digital Health. From proton-beam cancer therapy to medical holography, Big Data disease prevention to brain mapping, be prepared to have your mind blown and your body fit. Sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, Finn partners, Halma, and Clifford Chance.

SportsTech Arena

Whether you’re on the track or in the stands, you’ll want to visit this special space highlighting the latest in innovations for both sports spectators and participants, from wearables to protective gear and 3D streaming to Big Data stats. Sponsored by ADvantage and leAD.

Cannabis Greenhouse

With investment in cannabis research, technology and industry hitting $14 billion, the sector has arrived. See the latest and greatest startups ready to wow the world in cultivation, medicine, agriculture, and more.

India Pavilion

See remarkable examples of the startup phenomenon that is India today. Drawing from one of the biggest pools of pure tech talent in the world, this collection of entrepreneurial inventiveness will impress and inspire you. Sponsored by the Embassy of India, Tel Aviv, and the Economic Diplomacy & States Division, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

Korea Pavilions

Korea is more than just the world’s number one producer in mobile phones, displays, and semiconductors, it’s also a hotbed for innovation. Come see the best of the startups from one of the powerhouses of Asia, sponsored by the Korea Securities Depository, Global entrepreneurs foundation, Acres International and Yozma.

Aussie Tech Beach

Take a stroll on the sand and get a taste of the Australian spirit and initiative, with some of the most compelling startups from Down Under and beyond on display, sponsored by the Australian Securities Exchange and National Australia Bank. You’ll want to dive right in!

Impact Alley

The impact revolution has arrived, as individuals, corporations, and governments turn their energies to turning the world into a better place. See a lineup of some of the most forward-thinking, hands-on, and effective NGOs and non-profits in the world – and get involved!

Italian Innovation Plaza

Get a taste of the country where the excitement of invention is cradled by the glories of antiquity. See some of Europe’s most exciting technology in the midst of an authentic village square from the Bel Paese (the Beautiful Country), sponsored by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center.

AR/VR Zone

The latest virtual reality and augmented reality technologies will be on display to give attendees a real-live, real-time experience. Innovations in education, healthcare, media, and social impact will rock your reality and your idea of what’s possible.

Post-Summit Party

Let loose at the legendary OurCrowd post-Summit party, featuring Israeli craft beer and a whole bunch of surprises.

ShukTech: Beer. Networking. Pitches

ShukTech meshes the power of the tech ecosystem with the amazing culinary and social experiences of Shuk Machane Yehudah Market– the hottest cultural destination in Jerusalem.

On March 7th, following the 2019 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit, shuk-goers will experience a night of informal pitches, CEO meetups, delicious food, craft beers, live music, and video art in the heart of the hopping market. Buses will be available from the Summit entrance directly to the event. Free food or drink provided for summit attendees.

Read all about the Summit theme and more here

The theme of the 2019 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit is “Startups: Making a Global Impact,” reflecting the incredible power of breakthrough technologies to make a real and lasting difference in the world.

From MedTech companies using scanning technology that reverses spinal injuries to Drone technology helping search-and-rescue teams locate flood victims to IoT sensors deployed in AgTech to conserve water and increase crop yields, the potential for startups to improve the lives of individuals and societies alike is beginning to be realized in a big way.

Onstage, in working sessions, and in a multitude of tech demos, Summit attendees will learn about the latest breakthroughs, what’s still possible, what hurdles remain, and where investment opportunity lies.  And they’ll hear about the impact of the crowd on portfolio companies, through case studies on how our 30,000-strong investor network contributes capital, personnel, and deal flow.

The Summit will also explore the global challenges and opportunities represented by the innovation revolution, including debates about the ethics of genetic editing, how society should prepare humans for the robotic future, and how today’s technologies can address environmental and social crises.