Aashika Jain

Aashika Jain

Head of Digital Content, Entrepreneur magazine India


I am a business news journalist with more than 12 years of on-the-job experience in business news reporting, writing and editing. I am currently heading Digital Content at US-based magazine Entrepreneur’s India Edition.

In the past, I have worked for world’s #1 business news channel CNBC as a speed junkie breaking news. My work at global newswire Thomson Reuters UK as a finance correspondent covering Britain’s largest banks, insurers and wealth managers has been among my most enriching experiences. The stint was followed by heading 9-hour desk shifts to manage a team of up to 20 digital producers curating content on India’s largest newspaper Economic Times’ website.

At Entrepreneur India, I spearhead an all-women Digital team that works day and night to make content offering dynamic and consumer-friendly. In my above 2 years of leading Entrepreneur.com as the Digital Head, I’ve seamlessly integrated editorial, social, marketing and sales teams. My attempt to add value to India’s enterprising ecosystem has been well-received by the business community. The urge to dig deeper into world’s trade and commerce has helped me network with some of the most enterprising leaders of today’s times.

I am thrilled to be a part of world media interacting with real-time businesses. My hope is to be able to put my best foot forward in bringing transparency, excitement and joy in content consumption in the digital world. For all discussions, I am available on my LinkedIn profile 24*7.