Barbara Sadick

Barbara Sadick

Contributing Reporter, Wall Street Journal and other publications


Barbara Sadick was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island, the smallest state in the United States and graduated with a BA in English Literature from McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

For several years, she worked as the co-founder of an upstart photo agency out of Providence that represented photographers all over the U.S. and eventually moved to New York to work with one of the world’s foremost photo agencies as director of sales.  Four years later, she founded and directed the small, high quality boutique photo agency Matrix that worked with and represented a small number of high quality photographers.  The agency had its start during the heyday of photojournalism, when publications would spend loads of money competing for photographs and sending photographers all over the world on assignment.  That ended when the bottom fell out of the market due to the introduction of inexpensive (and often poor quality) photos being sold online for almost nothing and the collapse of the magazine industry.

Matrix operated for 15 years, during which time its work was published in magazines, newspapers, books, and in ads all over the world with sub-agents in Europe, Asia and Latin America.  The agency closed its doors at the beginning of 2003 and Barbara began her move in another direction.

With the death of her brother from cancer, she became interested in the field of health and medicine and returned to graduate school.  She received an MA in Health Advocacy from Sarah Lawrence College and then an MS in Health and Behavior Studies from Columbia University, both in New York.

Since then Barbara, who lives in New York City, has been working as a health writer for various publications, including The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report Special Issues, The Washington Post, Time Health Issues, Kaiser Health News, Chicago Tribune, AARP and others.

This is her first trip to Israel and she is pleased to be invited to moderate a panel on The Cannabis Revolution:  Saving Lives and Changing Society.