Ben Goor Levy

Ben Goor Levy

Co-Founder, Lochamim Lachim foundation


Co-Founder of Lochamim Lachim foundation, IDF veteran surgent who leaves with PTSD
and an Online Marketing Expert from Tel Aviv Israel.

In the past 14 years been working as Consultant and Campaigner in the online marketing industry in Israel and abroad.
Managed Google Facebook marketing platforms for some of Israel’s top brands such as Visa Cal, Cellcom, Duty-Free James Richardson, Appsflyer, Winwin, College of Management  and many more.

3 years ago I have joined a good friend and we established Lochamim Lachim foundation in order to help Post-traumatic IDF soldiers get back to life
as a functioning productive people.
We arrange, meetings and activities for them and we even sponsor them for legal needs in order to receive their rights from the government.