Jonathan Wiesen

Jonathan Wiesen

Medical Advisory Board, OurCrowd


Dr. Jonathan Wiesen is a Pulmonary and Critical Care physician passionate about clinical medicine, innovation and medical technology. Dr. Wiesen graduated from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine with distinction in research and completed his training in internal medicine and pulmonary/critical care at the Cleveland Clinic, where he earned an advanced teaching degree, as well as several teaching and research awards.

As a third year fellow Dr. Wiesen founded MySpecialistMD, a global telemedicine company which has been a leader in the provision of unique and cutting-edge clinical services and programs. MySpecialistMD received recognition for innovation by the American Telemedicine Association and was selected as one of the top ten telemedicine companies worldwide in 2019. As the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Wiesen has spearheaded the development of innovative clinical programs for the monitoring and management of chronic medical conditions, and for the provision of integrated medical specialty services. Each program utilizes sophisticated software platforms and integrates those technological components with the highest-level physician services. Dr. Wiesen has also overseen the development of a global network of physicians to deliver outstanding telemedicine services worldwide.

In addition to telemedicine, Dr. Wiesen has been involved in advising and assessing medical technology companies for many years. Dr. Wiesen has served as a core member of OurCrowd’s Medical Advisory Board since 2015, where he specializes in clinical assessment and due diligence processes. Dr. Wiesen also serves on the advisory board of several medical technology companies, such as OurCrowd’s Pulm One.

Dr. Wiesen remains an active physician who is passionate about clinical medicine. He is a Pulmonary Specialist at Ben Gurion University’s Soroka Medical Center, where he directs the Cardio – Pulmonary Exercise Program. He has an academic appointment at Ben Gurion University where he is a member of faculty, teaches in the medical school, and participates in pulmonary research projects. Dr. Wiesen also provides ICU staffing services to several hospitals.