Peter Shaw

Peter Shaw

Chairman, EdenShield


Peter Shaw is Chairman of Eden Shield Ltd. a Jerusalem based AgTech company that has developed a family of natural, nontoxic products based on extracts of indigenous plants from the Judean Desert to protect crops against damage from insects. Proper use of Eden Shield products reduces or eliminates the need for dangerous pesticides. The indoor cultivations of cannabis is a major market opportunity for Eden Shield and an area of primary focus in 2019

Peter is a Principal in Shaw Management Advisors, Int’l (San Diego and Jerusalem). SMAI provides services for Senior Management, Boards and Investors. Peter has been a Board member of many private, as well as public companies. He specializes in advising his clients in strategic and operational aspects of their business, as well as M&A processes. He has founded/cofounded multiple early stage companies as CEO and led many of them to successful exits. He has also served as a partner for a US based Institutional Venture Capital Fund.

Peter is currently also a Director on San Diego State’s University’s College of Business Advisory Board and is the College’s Executive in Residence. He is Director of the Fowler Scholars Program which develops “Tomorrow’s Ethical Business Leaders.” Peter maintains offices in the US and Israel, where he has a home in Jerusalem. Mr. Shaw holds a bachelor of engineering degree in electrical engineering from City College of New York and a master of business administration degree from the University of Connecticut.