Seth Haberman

Seth Haberman

CEO, Sense.Education


Seth Haberman is the CEO of Sense.Education, an Israeli Machine learning start-up, focusing on solutions for higher education.

Haberman earlier founded Visible World in 2000, with the goal of transforming advertising to increase the value of TV ad inventory for inventory holders, advertisers, and viewers. Under his vision and leadership, Visible World emerged as a technology leader in the field of advanced TV advertising, by enabling new levels of automation, efficiency, and effectiveness through impressions-based targeted TV yield management. Visible World’s technology has been deployed across the TV ecosystem including Charter, Time Warner Cable, Dish Networks, and Cox. In the summer of 2015 Visible World was purchased by Comcast.

Prior to founding Visible World, Seth was the CEO of Montage Group, an innovator in non-linear editing, networking video and tactile feedback and a licensor of technology to leading manufacturers such as Avid and Apple. Montage’s innovative work earned and Academy Award for technological achievement in 1987 and two Technology Emmy Awards. Montage was purchased by Pinnacle Systems in 2000.

Before Montage, Seth co-founded Software Tools, worked as a Video Game Programmer for Children’s Television Workshop and as a Research Scientist in Artificial Intelligence at Cognitive Systems.

Seth is the holder of more than 80 patents. His companies have won four Technology Emmys and an Academy Award. He is a graduate of Columbia College in New York where he studied Physics and Computer Science.

Seth has been featured as a keynote speaker at the iMedia Content Summit, Advertising Week, UBS, IEEE, SMPTE and the TV of Tomorrow Show.