Yaniv Maor

Yaniv Maor

Founder and CEO, Tevel


Yaniv is the Founder and CEO of Tevel Aerobotics Technologies, which develops a fleet of airborne AI-robots for picking fruit. Prior to Tevel, Yaniv was the originator and leader of a successful IAI-Elta-program (Israel Aerospace Industries – Elta, Israel’s prime defence hi-tech company).

After joining Elta in 2012, Yaniv invented and led a unique approach to develop a successful product family and a business program. Yaniv’s achievements were recognized by granting him the Factory Manager Honoree in 2016 and candidacy for MAFAT IMOD Innovation Award in 2016 (“Israeli DARPA”). Prior to Elta, Yaniv was the VP R&D in Lumio, an advanced visions systems company developing optical touch-screens. Previously, Yaniv was the Algorithm and Electronics Team Leader at VKB, a startup company that developed and produced virtual laser keyboards. This technological achievement received the prestigious CES Innovation Award in 2007. Throughout his career, Yaniv has demonstrated the ability to orchestrate multidisciplinary R&D projects, translate ideas into products, establish mass production lines and capital and budget management.

Yaniv holds BSc in computer engineering and ME in systems engineering – both from the Technion. Yaniv wrote 20 patents and additional 6 for Tevel.