JERUSALEM, Israel – Israeli innovation is changing the world.  

Perhaps there’s no greater display of the power of Israeli tech than the annual OurCrowd summit, which drew thousands of people around the world to Jerusalem last week.

OurCrowd is the dream of founder Jonathan Medved.

“OurCrowd is the world’s largest democratic venture investing platform,” he told CBN News. “We allow people from all over the world to invest in great start ups that are being built here in Israel and around the world. They’re changing the world in such areas as cyber security, mobility, healthcare, AdTech. They’re creating the next big thing.” 

OurCrowd connects Israeli entrepreneurs with investors. In 2020 OurCrowd had 1.4 billion dollars committed to start ups while fighting fires in Australia, curing cancer and combatting the coronavirus. 

“The world faces a lot of challenges as your viewers know and the challenges run from whether it’s virus outbreaks or security problems or simply just feeding the world,” said Medved. “Many of these challenges require technologies excellence. Here in Israel we’re really good at this innovation stuff and our crowd is identifying the best Israeli companies we can bring to bear our global network of investors .”

Medved believes Israel’s global reputation as “The Startup Nation” is apart of the fulfillment of biblical prophecy.

“I look at it more biblically. I think that this is our destiny here in Israel. Your viewers know that we were destined to be a “Or Lagoyim”, a light to the nations. And this is the manifestation of that prophecy, that destiny. Israel today is providing solutions to problems to affect the world. And whether it’s the coronavirus or hunger, our companies are on it.”