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1. Services. Among other Services, this Site presents information regarding potential investments and allows you the opportunity to designate investment opportunities in which you would like to participate. However, such selection does not mean that you will be permitted to participate in such transaction. Our decisions to permit your participation are subject to, among other things, demonstration to our satisfaction that you meet legal requirements for participation, consent of relevant third parties, execution of definitive documentation, and our discretion. We make no representation or warranty that the potential transaction you have identified will take place, or that if it takes place that you will be allowed to participate. OurCrowd is guided by an internal allocation policy for purposes of allocating investment opportunities across funds and investors, with the ability to deviate from such guideline, if and as necessary, at its discretion. Hence, you acknowledge that your participation in any given opportunity cannot be guaranteed. If you are offered the opportunity to participate in a transaction, you will be required to sign additional documentation. OurCrowd management decisions are final in all matters relating to the Site, Services and other activities related to the Site. Following your participation in a transaction, OurCrowd may send you communications with important updates related to your investment and to follow-on investment opportunities.You are responsible to carefully review all OurCrowd communications, engage with the appropriate representatives and respond in due course, to the extent applicable. You acknowledge that failure on your part to review communicated materials and/or to respond to certain opportunities and/or take certain actions may negatively affect your investment and may even significantly diminish the interest and/or value of your investment.

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