Past Special Spaces


On Summit Day, plunge into a sensory experience of hands-on interaction with breakthrough technologies, access to the entrepreneurs behind them, and an opportunity to kick the tires of potential investment opportunities, at the International Convention Center (Binyanei Hauma). Some samplings from the past:

The Ecosystem Microcosm

The innovation world was well represented at the Summit, with special spaces and exhibitions representing Abu Dhabi, Morocco, China, Italy, Hong Kong, Israel, and more.

Morocco Now
Start the conversation about the kingdom’s vision of innovation and collaboration, meet with Moroccan startups and funds, as well as government and corporate representatives.  Sponsored by Morocco Now.

Gather at this exhibition space promoting open communications between ecosystem members from China and the rest of world, bridging the worlds of science, technology, industry, and innovation. Sponsored by Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute.

ITA: The Italian Trade Agency
Discover some of Europe’s most exciting tech startups, winners of a country-wide competition, and start a dialogue about opportunities for business and investment.  Sponsored by ITA.

Get acquainted with what Hong Kong offers for investors, startup entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists.  Meet, talk, get business done.  Sponsored by InvestHK.

See the plans for the high-tech future of Jerusalem, through eye-opening videos and scale models. Sponsored by Gav Yam.

Hands-On Tech Demos

Throughout the venue, attendees have the chance to interact with some of the coolest technologies on the market – or not yet on the market. From virtual reality to medical diagnostic devices to consumer products, it’s a chance to personally experience the future.

HealthTech Innovation Zone

Leading MedTech and Digital Health multinational corporations and startups inform and excite attendees and allow them to interact with the technology extending lifespans and improving quality of life. A special installation includes startup tech employed by the pioneering Sheba Medical Center.

Cyber Row

A lineup of cutting-edge cybersecurity startups making the data world safer. Technologies from quantum encryption to actionable dark web intelligence to IoT device identity and authentication, provide a glimpse of tomorrow’s threat detection and prevention today.

Summit Bookstore

Famous authors will be on hand to sign copies of their books for attendees, including Saul Singer (“Startup Nation,” the book that started it all); Inbar Arieli (“Chutzpah”), Michael Oren (exclusive excerpt from “Israel 2048: The Second Century”), and Noam Wasserman (“The Founder’s Dilemmas” and “Life Is A Startup”).

Food and Agri Tech Space

Top technologies revolutionizing the entire food supply chain are on display, from lab-created proteins and precision farming to tech-enabled processing and distribution as well as new modes of preservation. Attendees will get an opportunity to sample products from pioneering startups developing healthy and cost-effective food and drink alternatives.

Impact Alley

An annual tradition, OurCrowd hosts an exhibition of some of the most forward-thinking, hands-on, and effective NGOs and nonprofits in the world.

SaaS Street

Stroll through some of the most compelling technologies powering corporate platforms, content generation, and digitization.

Mobility Drive

A preview of where the world of tech-driven transport is heading, from protoyping personal vehicles to securing fleets, on the ground and in the air.

AirOne Model and Simulator

Attendees get a chance to see the revolutionary private aircraft from startup AirEV, and then “fly” it. The installation in the Mobility exhibition provides an experiential peek at a future of personal transportation that is electric-based, easy to operate, and affordable.

OurCrowd University for Investors

Get schooled on the fundamentals of investing in startups in this three-part intensive course. Front-line experts will teach you everything you need to know, from valuations and term sheet essentials to deal selection and portfolio diversification.

OurCrowd Entrepreneurs Academy

MBA-style courses taught by professionals in each topic area will help startup founders and executives expand their global perspective and lead at a higher level. From managing cash flow and scaling up to entering foreign markets and undertaking an IPO, this is a can’t-miss opportunity to gain a working knowledge of business practices essential to success.

OurCrowd HQ

At the center of the Summit, OurCrowd representatives are there to connect attendees with its revolutionary investment platform, the global crowd, and the information they need.