Past Speakers

Alan Boehme

CTO and Chief Innovation Officer, Coca-Cola

Tsutomu Wakitani

Chief Operating Officer, Honda R&D Center-X

Inken Braunschmidt

Chief Innovation Officer, Innogy

Sir Ronald Cohen

Founder, Apex Partners, and Chairman, The Portland Trust

Naftali Bennett

Minister of Education, Israel

Michael Radwin

Director, AI & Machine Learning, Intuit

Jon Medved

OurCrowd, CEO & Founder

Claudia De Antoni

Investment Director, Virgin Group

Harel Kodesh


Dr. Ami Appelbaum

Chief Scientist and the Chairman of the Board of Israel Innovation Authority (IIA)

Daniel Schreiber

CEO & Co-founder, Lemonade Inc.

Michael Brous

Growth & Strategic Partnership, AirBnB

Nir Barkat

Mayor of Jerusalem

Valerio Nannini

Senior Vice President, Head of Strategies and Performance, Nestle

Lydia Dishman

Reporter, Fast Company

Andrew Bolwell

Global Head, HP Tech Ventures

Nick Sugimoto

CEO, Honda Innovations

Amir Freund

Technology & Innovation, Ford

Ornit Shinar

External Innovation, Lenovo

David Schwartz

Head of Venturing & Innovation, Pepsico

Michael Oren

Deputy Foreign Minister, former Israel Ambassador to U.S.

Ran Maidan

CEO, Netafim

Constance Gustke

Contributing Writer, and New York Times

Dorel Blitz

Head of Fintech, KPMG Israel

Alec Ellison

Founder, Outvest Capital, former Vice Chairman, Jefferies

David Adelman

Reed Smith, former U.S. Ambassador to Singapore

Max Cunningham

Executive General Manager, Australia Stock Exchange

Frederic Lardinois

U.S. News Editor, TechCrunch

Janet Young

Managing Director, Head Group Channels & Digitalization, UOB

Joel Fisch

Intel Sports Group

Barbara Mazur

VP Technology & Acquisition Strategy, DuPont Pioneer

Alain Tiquet

Group Director, NVIDIA

Nisso Mayal

Director of Business Development and Big Data, Mobileye

Mesh Gelman

Former SVP, Siren Ideas, Starbucks

Jyotindra Thacker

President of Technology, Reliance Industries

Ido Fishler

Business Development Lead, SAP