OurCrowd is arguably the leading investment crowdfunding platform in the world. Based in Israel but listing offerings from companies around the world, OurCrowd has seen approximately $1.4 billion in committed funding since inception. Of the 212 portfolio companies, 138 are based in Israel.

Since its founding in 2013, OurCrowd a good number of portfolio companies have either gone public, like Beyond Meat and Uber, or been acquired by names like Nike, Oracle, and Intel. To date, OurCrowd reports 36 exits.

This week, OurCrowd kicks off its annual Global Summit in Jerusalem. It has been reported that over 28,000 people have registered to attend. While not all registered individuals may be at the event, OurCrowd clearly operates the largest conference focusing on online capital formation and investment opportunity.

OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved recently told Crowdfund Insider:

“OurCrowd is proud of its diverse and exceptional portfolio of technology startups. We include companies from each sector ranging from cybersecurity, Agtech to healthcare to AI. We also include companies at all stages of development ranging from earliest pre seed and incubation, all the way to pre IPO. The fact that we have democratized access to these kinds of quality companies to our 40,000 plus investors around the world is just the beginning, as we begin to add value to these companies by mobilizing the connections, talent and passions of the crowd.”

Investing in early-stage firms is not for the impatient. It can take years, or decades, for a company to mature and present a possible exit opportunity.

In a release timed for the Summit, OurCrowd reported that it gained over $500 million in new funding commitments during 2019. The platform invested in 38 new portfolio companies and had 8 exits during the year.

The 2020 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit caps a decade of remarkable and exponential growth in the Israeli tech ecosystem. From 2010-2019, annual investments in Israeli startups grew over 400% and annual exit value grew 900%. As public markets have dimmed, private securities have boomed globally.

While OurCrowd began its business by pairing individual investors to promising young ventures, today more institutional money is coming in and OurCrowd offers a growing list of targeted funds (20) to provide immediate diversification for investors interested in immediate risk mitigation. Of note, is the fact that OurCrowd may take advantage of a pending change where non-accredited investors may gain access to their investment opportunities. The US Securities and Exchange Commission is deliberating on a rule change where retail money may invest in private securities funds. OurCrowd inked a partnership with Stifel during 2019, this may end up becoming a key pipeline to further democratize access to investment opportunity for smaller investors.

While the past ten years have been great for early-stage investing, and even more dramatically – big tech development in Israel, Medved is planning for the long term now. He says that the current bull market can last ten more years or ten more days. Additionally, OurCrowd has recently made a commitment to focus more money on seed/early-stage ventures.

“I hope to get a million investors by the end of the decade,” – Jon Medved

Medved said they want to celebrate the incredible achievements of the Israeli tech ecosystem over the past 10 years but simultaneously look forward to what’s needed to get where we want to be 10 years from now.

“In order to continue this exponential growth, we will need to redouble our efforts in the seed and early-stage investment arena, as well as strengthen and leverage our growing network of global investors. Together we can make this next decade a truly Roaring Twenties.”

OurCrowd’s milestones since inception 2013-2020:

Committed funding:

  • 2013: $24 million               2020: $1.4 billion

Registered Investors:

  • 2013: 2,642                       2020: 42,154

Portfolio companies:

  • 2014: 25                            2020: 200


  • By 2013: 0                        By 2020: 36


  • By 2020 18

OurCrowd Portfolio Companies


  • CropX: App-operated sensor system that optimizes crop irrigation and fertilization
  • Taranis: Sensor-and-software suite that uses big data to help farmers optimize crop management using problem detection and prediction
  • Tevel: Airborne autonomous harvesting, driven by data collection and analysis.
  • Consumer Physics: Pocket-sized molecular sensor that identifies the chemical makeup of anything in the physical world


  • Syqe Medical: Easy-to-use metered-dose inhaler for medical cannabis that delivers optimum treatment in a precise, reliable, and safe way
  • BOL Pharma: A leading provider of medical cannabis working across the industry’s value chain, from growth to finished product, adhering to strict regulatory standards, including Global GAP, GMP, FDA, and EMA

Consumer Hardware

  • Clipfort: Gun safety solution using a biometric fingerprint reader on the gun’s magazine
  • Corephotonics: Developing a mobile camera that perfects mobile photography, known for its dual camera high-quality imaging technology [SOLD]
  • Eyeway Vision: Developing the next generation of AR that uses laser-based scanning to “write” images directly onto the user’s retina, emulating the way humans naturally see the world
  • MUV Interactive: Developer of ring-like device that allows users to interact with media without being bound by the constraints of a single, traditional screen [SOLD]
  • SonicEnergy (uBeam): Wireless, contactless charging through ultrasound

Consumer Software

  • Casper: comfortable mattress sold directly to consumers, eliminating commission driven, inflated prices.
  • DailyPay: a financial solution enabling employees and contractors to control when they get paid, empowering them to meet financial goals and pay bills on time.
  • NextPeer: Allows mobile game developers to easily integrate a top-class multiplayer feature into the gaming experience [SOLD]
  • Parko: Cuts time spent looking for parking by automatically matching departing and arriving cars [SOLD]
  • Stringify: IoT automation service that allows people to connect all their devices and digital services in one place [SOLD]
  • Tala: Accessible consumer credit product, instantly underwriting and disbursing loans to people who have never had a formal credit history, all through a smartphone app. 


  • BioCatch: Uses behavioral biometrics to authenticate users and detect online fraud
  • CyberX: Detects both cyber and operational incidents in real time and maximizes uptime for industrial systems
  • Cognigo (formerly D.Day Labs): Uses advanced AI to help organizations maximize data security, data management, and GDPR compliance with minimal effort [SOLD]
  • Fireblade: Cloud-based website security for e-commerce businesses [SOLD]
  • ITsMine: AI cybersecurity platform for data loss prevention that guarantees protection from both internal and external attackers and reduces deployment time without affecting employees’ productivity
  • Kenna Security: Helps customers prioritize pressing cyber vulnerabilities by assigning a logarithmic risk score
  • Morphisec: cyber solution that outsmarts hackers by morphing and obscuring the storage locations of key system resources
  • Nanolock: an operating system agnostic, flash-to-cloud protection solution for IoT edge devices.
  • Opaq (formerly Bat Blue): Provides cloud-based security while optimizing network performance
  • O.zone (formerly Covertix): Data protection and tracking for any file on any device [SOLD]
  • Perception Point: providing enterprises with a comprehensive answer to guard against malware attacks.
  • Sayata Labs: A scalable cyber risk evaluator that can provide insurance companies with data to accurately price cyber insurance policies for small and medium businesses
  • Sixgill: A fully automated threat intelligence platform utilizing proprietary algorithms and technology to create profiles and patterns of dark web users and networks, flagging threats and prioritizing actions and responses
  • Stellar Cyber: A unified security analytics platform (U-SAP) that allows organizations to proactively and automatically detect and thwart security breaches of networks and computer systems before any damage or data theft occurs.
  • ThetaRay: AI-based detection and protection against financial fraud, money laundering, and ATM attacks in real time
  • Trusona: A cloud identity suite providing identity authentication that eliminates the need for passwords


  • Airobotics: A pilotless drone solution with a multipurpose, on-demand, industrial-grade platform
  • Edgybees: AR software for drones and other high-speed moving platforms, with applications in first response, media, gaming, and more


  • enVerid: Revolutionary air treatment technology that increases energy savings and indoor air quality while reducing greenhouse gases
  • Juganu: Smart LED lighting solution with an embedded network chip for efficient and consistent indoor or outdoor lighting systems
  • LocusView: Construction-tech platform allowing gas and energy grid utilities to automatically collect, manage, and validate critical data required for field constructed assets

Enterprise Hardware

  • BT9: End-to-end cold supply chain management solution with real-time monitoring and alerts
  • Highcon: Digital converting solution for visual communication post-print processes such as folding carton converting and commercial printing
  • MultiVu: A low-cost light field camera for three-dimensional imaging and depth sensing, used for smartphone facial recognition
  • Nexa3D: Developer of innovative 3D-printing technology that creates more affordable, more accurate products in minutes instead of hours
  • NSLComm: Applying nano-satellite expertise to launch expandable antennas into space that allow cost savings, lighter launch loads, and over ten times the bandwidth of larger traditional models
  • Cellium: Disruptive Wi-Fi solution that provides full capacity all around a home or business with full coverage at maximal throughput with no need for network management or handovers.
  • NeuReality: An innovative system and semiconductor startup focusing on the future challenges of this growing demand by designing the next evolution of AI-as-a-Service Infrastructure

Enterprise Software

  • Amitree: Revolutionary workflow management tool that streamlines the home-buying administrative maze
  • AppDome: Quickly add mobile security, SDKs, and other services to apps in a single platform, without coding
  • AppForma: automated marketing and social media platform for SMBs using artificial marketing [SOLD]
  • Applango: Provides companies with insight into SaaS application usage to optimize performance
  • Apploi: Streamlining the recruitment process for service industries with high employee turnover
  • BIScience: competitive intelligence tool for online media that tracks and analyzes the success of competitors’ marketing strategies
  • Bizzabo: Control center for event planning and attendee experience that consolidates logistical, promotional, and social tools
  • Bold360 (formerly Nanorep): Automated customer service provider featuring an innovative AI chatbot and live-agent software [SOLD]
  • BriefCam: Synopsis technology that compresses video streams and revolutionizes video surveillance [SOLD]
  • CB4: Retail analytics solution that leverages proprietary algorithms and point-of-sale data to detect in-store operational issues and deliver recommendations to the right team at the right time
  • Cimagine: Augmented reality platform that allows consumers to instantly “see and imagine” physical products in their intended locations [SOLD]
  • Crosswise: Cross-device identification mapping service that allows advertisers to consistently target individuals across different devices [SOLD]
  • data.world: Enables users to easily collect and integrate data, discover trends, and collaborate on any data set
  • EduNav: Provides students and colleges with automatically generated degree plans that help improve student retention and on-time degree completion while minimizing wasted credit hours.
  • Influitive: Platform for B2B marketers to easily mobilize advocates to refer new customers and significantly enhance marketing campaigns 
  • Intuition Robotics: AI-driven digital companion, capable of understanding the context of the environment through sensor fusion and making goal-based cognitive decisions, enabling automotive manufacturers to facilitate HMI by turning their products into cognitive proactive digital companions
  • Magisto: AI-based video production and distribution of high-quality videos for businesses with no need for video expertise [SOLD]
  • MentAd: Predictive-marketing platform that helps businesses identify new profitable opportunities and increase customers [SOLD]
  • mPrest: Global provider of high-performance monitoring, integration, and control solutions for critical systems across the defense, security, and utilities sectors, including the Iron Dome Missile Defense System
  • Near: Ambient intelligence platform that helps businesses understand consumers in varied environments and offers actionable contextual data
  • Neura: AI solution intelligently transforming customer engagement by delivering live, actionable insights based on each user’s real-world behavior
  • NeverWare: Developer of the CloudReady operating system that transforms obsolete computers into secure, fast, and affordable Chrome devices
  • NooBaa: Software-only solution for enterprise data management that combines the convenience and flexibility of public cloud storage with the security of on-premise storage [SOLD]
  • Panorama: Business intelligence software (Necto) that enables any business user to create high-quality dashboards without any coding background
  • PlaySight: Leveraging off-the-shelf cameras, computer vision, and proprietary algorithms to turn any tennis court ‎into a “SmartCourt” that gives athletes and trainers instant replays and real-time data on their game
  • PowWow: Rapid end-to-end solution that transforms even the most complex enterprise apps into modern and simple native mobile apps [SOLD]
  • prooV: Pilot-as-a-service platform that streamlines proof of concept testing between corporations and startups
  • Replay Technologies: Leading developer of 360-degree 3D video that captures every angle at professional sporting events [SOLD]
  • SeeTrue: Autonomous AI detection for security screening processes optimization that provides automatic threat detection and alarm resolution for X-ray and CT systems
  • Sense Education: AI-based education solution that helps instructors provide personalized feedback when grading a large volume of free-text assignments
  • Signals Analytics: a next generation data platform for consumer facing product companies to gain deep insights from various unstructured data sources such as product reviews, key opinion leaders posting on social media and patent applications.
  • Shopial: Turns an online store into a Facebook store in 3 clicks, empowering brands to reach more customers [SOLD]
  • StackIQ: Automates the task of managing the complex software infrastructure required for utilizing big data and cloud computing [SOLD]
  • TechSee: Visual technical support that uses AR to remotely demonstrate the technician’s instructions
  • Tensera: Solving the latency problem with AI-based technology easily incorporated into your mobile app by integrating a low footprint SDK
  • Ubimo: Leverages AI and location data analysis to enable advertisers to send the right messages to the right audience at the right time [SOLD]
  • Viewbix: Platform for engagement-based video with actionable insights that allows clients to quickly and easily add brand assets, interactive applications, and calls to action to videos [SOLD]
  • Kryon: Provides an intelligent Robotic Processing Automation solution featuring a machine vision process discovery tool that lest the software learn what needs to be automated on the fly.

Fintech and Insurtech

  • BillGuard: Personal finance app that fights credit card fraud through crowdsourced vigilance and surveillance [SOLD]
  • Credorax: A global merchant acquiring bank with cross-border processing capabilities, specializing in online commerce and omni-channel payment transactions.
  • EMQ: Trusted, secure, and low-cost alternative to international money transfer
  • Frank: an online platform simplifying the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), making education affordable for all.
  • HoneyBook: Platform that allows creative entrepreneurs to easily and professionally manage their business’s administrative, marketing, and financial needs, freeing up more time to spend on their craft
  • Lemonade: Homeowners’ and renters’ insurance powered by AI and behavioral economics, replacing brokers and bureaucracy with bots and machine learning to eliminate paperwork and provide instant information.
  • Revolution Credit: Groundbreaking behavioral analytics platform that helps financial service providers make better credit decisions by modernizing the outdated credit score system
  • Rewire: Digital money transfer payment middleman that saves customers on international transaction fees
  • Wave: Free online financial management software for small businesses that includes accounting, invoicing, and payroll services [SOLD]
  • Yulife: The first lifestyle insurance app, powered by AI and behavioral science to deliver digital insurance and inspire employees to live their best lives.


  • Beyond Meat: Develops and manufactures a plant-based meat substitute [NASDAQ: BYND]
  • DouxMatok: A proprietary technology for targeted flavor delivery designed to enhance the perception of flavors, enabling a 40% reduction in sugar in a variety of food applications, without compromising on taste.
  • Ripple: Develops and manufactures a great-tasting, nutritional alternative to dairy.


  • Alpha Tau: Treating solid malignant tumors using targeted alpha radiation, while minimizing damage to healthy surrounding tissue
  • Barcode Diagnostics: Patent-protected technology designed to assist oncologists in identifying the most effective chemotherapy cocktail before the patients’ first treatment
  • BrainQ: Non-invasive technology to treat a range of neurological pathologies that uses AI to detect neural patterns in patients and tailors electromagnetic fields to target patients’ impaired neural networks, repair neural connectivity, and enhance natural rehabilitation
  • DreaMed Diabetes: Developers of a next-generation machine-learning solution for diabetes management, facilitating daily management and patient-doctor communication
  • ElMindA: Mapping tool for visualizing neural activity to optimize management of brain disorders and injuries
  • Global Kinetics Corporation: Wearable sensor and advanced analytics system for tracking movement disorder symptoms, such as Parkinson’s Disease, to optimize treatment
  • HIL Medical: Compacts the proton-therapy system hardware to make this high-performance cancer treatment affordable and space-efficient
  • Insightec: MR-guided focused ultrasound technology for non-invasive surgery on patients with essential tremors, tremor-dominant Parkinson’s disease, and neuropathic pain
  • Innovalve: a Transcatheter Mitral Valve Replacement solution
  • MedAware: Big data analytics and machine learning that enables healthcare providers and pharmacy chains to identify and eliminate prescription errors
  • MeMed: Enabling early prescription and preventing misuse of antibiotics with personalized diagnostics by decoding the human immune system
  • Memic: Laparoscopic surgical robotic arms controlled by the surgeon that allow them to operate on previously inoperable areas due to their size and flexibility
  • MST: Robotic vision system with AI-enabled environment recognition for laparoscopic surgery [SOLD]
  • Nanomedic: A medical device that produces a flexible, washable, transient skin layer, minimizing the pain and burden of wound healing by eliminating the need to remove and replace bandages.
  • Ossio: Promising improved clinical outcomes by using osteoconductive implant technology without changing orthopedic surgical technique
  • PulmOne: Portable desktop lung function testing
  • RealView Imaging: Developed technology for live holography that provides a natural user experience, creating accurate, interactive, 3D holograms without the need any screen or eyewear
  • SaNOtize: A Nitric Oxide Releasing Solution platform technology to treat and prevent microbial infections, including drug resistant microbes such as upper respiratory and topical dermal infections.
  • Scopio: Revolutionizing the fields of pathology and microscopy-based diagnostics by introducing the world’s first affordable, clinical-grade digital microscope
  • Sight Diagnostics: Low-cost blood diagnostics through computer vision that is fast, simple-to-use, and accurate
  • Surgical Theater: Patient-specific 360-degree VR platform for planning, discussing, and rehearsing complex surgical procedures
  • Sweetch: Mobile health app with paired wearable device that accurately predicts personal diabetes risk and drives long-term behavioral change for prevention
  • Trendlines: Incubator that establishes, invests in, and develops medtech and agtech early-stage companies [SGX: 42T]
  • UPnRIDE: All-terrain electric wheelchair that enables stable standing and mobility for quadriplegics and handicapped individuals
  • Zebra Medical Vision: Medical imaging insights platform with algorithm-based assistance for radiologists in detecting often overlooked disease indicators by analyzing millions of imaging records and providing an automated, accurate, and timely medical image diagnosis
  • Medisafe: An easy-to-use and personalized medication management platform that helps people better manage their medications and offers healthcare companies meaningful insights into their daily behavior.
  • Syncath: A platform to manage and treat patients with moderate to severe brain injury. The Syncath System is one device that provides patient specific management and monitoring of blood flow in the brain, and an assist device to restore blood flow


  • Abe’s Market: Online marketplace for natural products [SOLD]
  • Agentology (formerly My Agent Finder): Real-estate platform that keeps leads fresh 24/7 and connects realtors with motivated prospective buyers and sellers
  • Boatbound: Peer-to-peer boat rental marketplace [SOLD]
  • Freightos: Online marketplace that facilitates the logistical process of international shipping by providing instant quotes and rate management for importers, exporters, forwarders, and shippers
  • Klook: Asia’s largest in-destination travel services booking platform
  • MissBeez: Mobile app that brings beauty specialists, on-demand, to the door of the busy modern woman [SOLD]
  • Modli: ModLi is the largest online marketplace for modest fashion, featuring thousands of modest fashion items by hundreds of modest fashion boutiques.
  • Splacer: Online marketplace for people to rent and list unique event spaces
  • The Bouqs: Direct-to-consumer e-commerce platform for purchasing fresh flowers
  • Wayup: Leading digital platform for employers to reach, recruit, and engage early career candidates


  • Arbe Robotics: Building real-time 4D imaging radar to allow autonomous cars to analyze their surroundings in all environments and conditions
  • Argus: The most comprehensive, modular, and multi-layered cybersecurity solution for connected cars [SOLD]
  • Brodmann17: World-leading AI/machine learning engine that can lower the required computational power by a factor of 20
  • C2A: combining large-system security, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and hardware and software security solutions to develop cybersecurity for connected vehicles
  • Cartica: AI solution for autonomous vehicles which provides a more precise, detailed, and comprehensive interpretation of the car’s surroundings
  • Engie: Engie’s diagnostics technology provides a seamless solution for car repairs & maintenance.
  • Foretellix: Enabling measurable safety of ADAS and Autonomous vehicles. An advanced automation platform for the productive creation and monitoring of 100s of millions of scenarios including edge cases, safety assessment of the autonomous function and fast deployment of ADAS and AVs.
  • Hailo: Semiconductor company developing a proprietary chip for AI and machine learning in edge devices rather than in data centers/the cloud with a focus on data-processing in autonomous vehicles
  • Innoviz: Enabling autonomous mobility with solid state LiDAR sensors, sensor fusion, and accurate mapping and localization products
  • JUMP (formerly Social Bicycles): Fully integrated smart bike-sharing platform [SOLD]
  • Phantom Auto: Remote operation solution for autonomous vehicles
  • skyTran: A faster, greener form of travel using magnetic levitation technology, offering the first real alternative to cars, circumventing traffic at a much lower cost per mile than other forms of ground transportation
  • Superpedestrian: The first micromobility platform built on intelligent electric vehicles and cloud tools.
  • RideVision: “Mobileye for two-wheelers” — Collision Aversion Technology for motorcycles that uses AI, computer vision, and standard cameras that recognize, analyze, and safely alert the driver about real threats
  • VayaVision: Vehicle Environmental Perception solution based on raw data fusion with upsampling, AI and computer vision for safer and reliable autonomous driving
  • Virgin Hyperloop One: Ground transportation at airline speed for passengers and freight using a reduced-pressure tube with magnetically levitated pods
  • Zoomcar: India’s largest self-drive mobility company
  • Ravin: A Computer Vision and Deep Learning company that leverages artificial intelligence to automatically inspect vehicle condition. Ravin’s patent-pending technology turns off-the-shelf cameras – CCTV types or mobile phones – into advanced and automated inspection tools.

Semiconductors and Optics

  • Celeno: Next-gen Wi-Fi for the era of high-speed connectivity through proprietary chipsets, edge software, and cloud technology
  • Unispectral: Developing miniature, low-cost hyperspectral imaging MEMS sensors for smartphone camera applications that combine image capture, computer vision, and spectroscopy to create “intelligent” images
  • VocalZoom: a unique optical sensor technology for accurate measurement of distance, speed, and vibration for predictive maintenance at scale with very low integration costs