The OurCrowd Global Investor Summit has become the place where the startup world gathers to get business done. 

This year more than ever, there are numerous opportunities – some old, some new – to achieve your goals, whether it’s sourcing innovation, connecting to the Israeli ecosystem, finding new prospects, or just establishing key relationships.  So, whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a CEO at a multinational corporation or an investor, this guide is for you, including some practical advice from long-time Summit attendees.  

Summit is no longer a one-day affair, but instead spans an entire week, filled with events specially curated to facilitate meeting new people in the industry. Summit Week events include academic masterclasses designed by NYU and OurCrowd for corporate executives and Fintech Week Tel Aviv, a conference that brings together players from a host of global FinTech hotspots. 

Check out & register for more Summit Week events here.

On Summit Day alone we have:  

  • The VC lunch  If you’re a venture capitalist this invite-only event is your chance to spend quality time in an intimate setting with others in your fieldover some delicious food.  

  • OurCrowd Business Hub  Including meeting rooms, workshops, facilitated networking, investment opportunities and masterclasses too, this area is specifically designated to get business done without distraction from the rest of the Summit Day events.  

  • Hundreds of Pre-Scheduled meetings – In addition to the thousands of spontaneous meetings happening during Summit Week, we have a dedicated online networking platform to allow Summit attendees to pre-arrange business meetings to ensure everyone is getting the most from their time at Summit. 

“It would take us years to be able to accomplish what we’ve done in a very short period of time, purely because of the strength and insight of OurCrowd.”

AmTrust Financial

  • Breakout sessions on specific tech industry sectors allowing you to meet like-minded people and hear from leaders in the fields that interest you. From The Long and Winding Road: Making Autonomous Driving a Reality to Innovating the Fountain of Youth: How HealthTech Is Revolutionizing Life Itself you can be sure that your interests are covered during Summit Week.

  • The amazing content is carefully created and designed to spread across sectors allowing you to meet and mingle with people whose interests align with your own. OurCrowd Crowd Business School: Master Classes for Entrepreneurs will help attendees gain a working knowledge of business practices essential to your building your company and give you the platform to network with the professionals you want to meet. 
  • Booths and exhibitions showcase a wide range of industry sectors and cover the entire globe, facilitating conversations that you didn’t know you wanted to have until the happen. 

“Smart people, smart entrepreneurs, smart investors, and smart corporates. Get together, create something new, change the world.”

– Nick Sugimoto, CEO, Honda Innovations

  • Summit After Dark – Getting deals done, doing business and meeting the who’s who of the ecosystem doesn’t end with the days end. Join us for our Summit Nightlife events including Tuesday night of Summit Week in Tel Aviv and Wednesday night at the First Station in Jerusalem. Our flagship nightlife event, ShukTech allows you to let your hair down on Thursday night after Summit Day in the heart of Jerusalem’s cultural city center market, grab a drink, relax and meet the people who really matter to your business goals.
  • Dedicated meeting rooms  These range from public networking rooms to investor meeting rooms and include special areas for corporate partners and sponsors too, ensuring that despite the crowds and endless networking you still really can get business done during Summit Week. 

See more planned special spaces and events here.

“We’re focused on the global networking opportunities with the OurCrowd relationship. There’s so much potential, a real sense of community.”

National Australia Bank

  • Social media networking  This spans four platforms and is filled with ideas, announcements and news. Join the conversation with @OurCrowd by using the #OurCrowdSummit  
  • Food all day! The coffee and famous Summit waffles are on offer throughout the duration of the conference allowing for natural, ongoing networking.  

For inquiries about the 2020 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit please contact your OurCrowd representative or email