The 2019 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit was absolutely historic; in fact, it was so enormous, the highlights create FOMO even for those who did attend! Here’s a quick look at what, together with the global OurCrowd ecosystem, we accomplished:

  • Over 18,000 people registered…
  • …from 183 countries
  • That includes 650+ VC firms and 500+ multinational corporations
  • 1,000+ entrepreneurs pitched, demoed or attended
  • 800 meetings arranged in the Executive Lounge
  • 200+ speakers shared their insights and expertise
  • 200+ members of the press wanted to see it with their own eyes
  • …and that’s just the main Summit, out of a week filled with pre-Summit events!

Were you with us in Jerusalem last week? The thing is, even if you were, and with all the amazing technology showcased at the exhibition, there is still no tech sector for personalized cloning or going back in time – so you definitely missed some of the great content sessions throughout the day. Fear not – we’ve made all the key content available for viewing.

View highlights, including video playlists, Facebook photos, press headlines and more. Catch the sessions you missed on the 2019 Summit playlist:

Some of the most popular speakers and packed sessions included:

Meanwhile, we can’t keep up with the headlines, covering the impact investing angle, startup announcements, and the global perspectives on the Summit’s reach. Some top news includes:

Read more headlines here.

Finally, view the (partial!) photo gallery on Facebook. Find yourself? Tag yourself!

2019 Summit Facebook Album

Every year, planning, prepping and producing the OurCrowd Global Investor Summit is a major fete – and an incredible thrill. Even with all that, it would be nothing without our investors, portfolio companies, partners, and fans in the ecosystem.

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