February 13, 2020 in Jerusalem

The OurCrowd Global Investor Summit will again host the startup world in Jerusalem, as it gathers for a week of incredible events.  The Summit is the fastest-growing tech conference in the world and will be the largest business event in Israel’s history.

Last year over 18,000 people from 189 countries registered to attend, as entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, corporate executives, investors and others came to the Innovation Nation to meet, learn, do business – and discover the most historic city in the most exciting country in the world.  As Forbes reported, Summit Week in Israel was “the place to be.”

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The Summit provides unprecedented insight into the world of startup venture capital, with exclusive exposure to cutting-edge technologies, the entrepreneurs behind them, and the corporate leaders deploying them.  From its unique position within the global startup ecosystem and as Israel’s most active venture investor, OurCrowd brings together in one place and at one time the players who will set the themes and trends for the coming year.

Summit Day will be Thursday, February 13. Other OurCrowd events will take place on February 11 and 12, including the invite-only OurCrowd Leaders Forum, an all-business event for the elite of the ecosystem, and the OurCrowd Advisory Forums, which harness the extensive knowledge and experience held by OurCrowd’s top-tier investors and corporate partners.

Summit Week will be as packed as ever, with corporate meetups, VC forums, insider access to accelerators and labs, and touring opportunities providing a unique insider’s look at the innovation ecosystem. Attendees will also get a deep dive into the history, culture and vibe of Israel, including the nightlife of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.  The legendary Summit partying will expand as well, with nightly opportunities for great food, drink and networking with the global crowd.

Whether you are a newcomer to Summit Week or are a serial Summit attendee, you do not want to miss the incredible content, disruptive technology, networking opportunities… or the food!