Nasdaq-listed data storage giant Seagate Technology announced the launch of an innovation center in Tel Aviv on Thursday, seeking to collaborate with local start-ups and enterprises to solve data movement challenges.

The American company, headquartered in Dublin, aims to form partnerships with businesses through the center, called Lyve Labs Israel, and enable innovation “by providing simple, secure, and efficient ways to work with exabytes of data.”

The central Tel Aviv center, located on Ha’arbaa Street, will be Seagate’s flagship innovation center. Seagate has an additional innovation center located in Logmont, Colorado, and additional centers are planned globally.

Lyve Labs has already attracted several start-ups looking for solutions “that harness data for the good of humanity,” the company said. Solutions offered by Lyve Labs will include proofs of concept, consultations with experts and test-bench facilities.

“The reason Seagate created Lyve Labs is because we understand that innovation cannot happen in silos,” said Seagate CEO Dr. Dave Mosley.

“It’s a work of collaboration. The innovators at Lyve Labs are indebted to others. In turn — drawing on over 40 years of Seagate’s research and development — we want to help enable innovations that use data for the good of humanity.”

Earlier on Thursday, Mosley featured as one of the key speakers at the 2020 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit in Jerusalem, discussing the importance of partnering in innovation.

“We want to both help the ecosystem and learn from it,” said Lyve Labs Israel head Erez Baum. “Lyve Labs is as much a two-way learning platform as a co-creation center. The goal is to learn from our partners’ data challenges and develop solutions in collaboration with them to help them be more competitive in this data-driven economy.”